A Poem For Beloved Grandmother | Grandma poem

There is no place like home - Except Grandma’s. Unknown
A Grandmother is a remarkable woman. She’s a wonderful combination of warmth and kindness, laughter and love. - Unknown

Grandmother is that wonderful influence on a child's character. She is our first teacher, who teaches us all the basic life lessons needed as a human being. Her love is always so selfless and caring. She always has time for us and our stories. Kids relate to their grandparents more than any one. Here i am sharing a poem for our real Queen.

My Beloved Grandma

Stay a little longer,

Hug me tight Tell me another story ,

I want to hear it tonight . What's the secret of being so beautiful, And From where I get that patience Being so understanding And having solution of everything. You told me I was a princess, Well Granny , you are my real queen . Let me do your hair, And no one disturbs me in between . Stay a little longer,

Hug me tight.

I will be a good girl, And do my work on time. Will pray every morning, And before going to bed at night .

You just come ,

stay with me for a while , Let me sleep in your lap ,

I'm so tired . Just smile at me And I know everything will be alright.

You are my first love Darling, No one could ever replace . Then why it's not happily ever after , You told me that's the true love's place.

I'm here all exhausted And you are there a star so bright . Stay a little longer,

Hug me tight .

(Granny) Expressing all the way to love her.

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