Side by side or miles apart , best friends are always closest to our hearts .

School Life

Many people came ,played their role and left , but you have been there like an octopus on my face , always on my side. In this frequently changing world , you have been my constant . I often want to thank you but I know , that can never be enough . Yes !

that's because you are very precious irreplaceable person in my life. We first time met at "school" .

Oh !

How can i forget that day , it was the best day ever , because i met forever of my life as a classmate.

Best Friend

I still remember the time when we were enemies. But then things changed and we came to know about each other that we were very similar. Within a short period we become best friends , till now and back to end of forever. You never left from my life, The journey from being Enemy to being a best friend was sweet and sour , but it was worth it.


We have those precious memories , some embarrassing moments , secret shared and nothing can be compared to the stomach aches i get by laughing with you .

Well !

I say this often and will say it again that our school life was the best . I wish to Thanks you for understanding me when nobody else did. I look up to you because you are caring and strong , your words heal scars my soul carries . You gave me a new life . We have all those moments spend with each other , we are weird , we are crazy, we do shitty stuff at times , may be the world can't understand us but I know it will be a fun being together. I know no one can tolerate me like you do. I will be always thank full for moments we shared we are closer to each other just like butter and bread. Never have you ever Turned your back on me or told me I wasn't good enough . You have always been my ray of hope in darkest of times . I count on you for every little piece of advice. Our hearts will blend together in the end no matter what .

Promise !

I will never let you down.

Sometimes I feel like you forgot me .

Maybe that's just the insecure part of me but you are there every time so understanding and nurturing .

At first you were just a stranger but now you are so close to me, know each and everything about me . I can't even count on how many times you have made decisions on my behalf.

You remember ?

Time when my heart was fragile and you helped me get through it . If you would have not helped me , I would still be living in my past. The last thing I remember is you making me laugh ,Stay the same always as you are . You will always be my best friend ,after all happily ever after is not a fairytale but a choice .

listen i miss you even more these days, i hope we will meet again soon , a part of me will always be longing your presence .

Side by side or miles apart my best friend will always be closest to heart.

Thank you for being in my life.

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