How to Conquer Lust, Greed and Anger,to Enjoy Real Happiness in Life

We all are aware of the not so reputed sides of human nature , the three fundamentals lust, anger, and greed. We cling on them never really knowing they are the biggest enemies we ever had . From keeping these enemies in control , our existence will become pure and we will see how graciously we are achieving our dreams , without attachment to desire of fruit.

Today I will talk about what is considered taboos and are never invited for fair discussion by our society . lust, anger, and greed , which leads to self destruction and hell . That makes it even more important topic to be understood and explained .

Everyone has these desires because these are fundamental necessities for survival of human kind. But these should not be overpowering you instead should be in your control .

As we all know "excess of everything is bad ".

Every mankind has three desire, Desire of life , money and peace and wants to attain peace and salvation in their life but still We desire fruit without performing action.

So tell me how we will attain the equilibrium, The real happiness in life ?

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Here are some logical motives to manipulate these 3 things.

According to Bhagavad Gita

”lust, anger, and greed are the 3 gates which leads to self destruction and hell of every mankind.Therefore, all should abandon these 3 ."

Only when man has conquered these he acquires knowledge of his true soul .

1- Lust

Lust is the intense desire for pleasure ( sexual) , object or emotional satisfaction .

it isn't always sexual, it might be lust for drugs and lots of greater terrible habits. Which actually destroys one's life .

It later transforms in to anger ,if we are not able to control it. It may make our existence like a living hell, If we do not know how to conquer these. Many humans beings lose their everything, not only money but also their recognition and existence.

2- Greed

Greed is selfishly wanting something beyond what we actually need and deserve ( possession of wealth, authority , food , land etc ) . It is desire to satisfy needs but never being satisfied. Every additional unit not leading to satisfaction of wants , hence the person is never in equilibrium state .

We are constantly using wrong philosophy of " grass is greener on the other side" and not realizing " grass is greener where you water it " . We are by no means glad with what we've and are constantly seeking out more And the rest is upgraded by our society . The reasons our sorrow is we never simply are grateful of what we have.

This greed folk is unexpectedly converting our surrounding, it is surely a door to hell. Due to the fact we are in no way satisfied, we continually need greater to just please our ego we loss to keep track of life . People are unable to control greed and live a miserable lifestyles.


Anger is more like the worst aspect that ever occur to us. And strain in our life performs a completely essential function in it. It is more like directly proportional to the anger, better the strain goes extra indignant you turn out to be on your real life.

Whenever we are angry we grieve our self, but also the humans beings around us. While ever We are angry, our mind stop working, our wisdom simply vanish in our hate. And we become doing the most terrible things in life. Sometime they just stick with us for a lifestyles time. This is why we need to in no way make huge decisions in our lifestyles while we're angry or disappointed at someone due to the fact our expertise dies when anger is born inner us. So "by no means make a selection while you are angry or very happy, you'll constantly become regretting it"

Important decisions of life need to be made when you are very stable and calm, because at that time our thoughts functions rationally and logically. And our expertise dominates while we are calm.
"conserving directly to anger is like greedy a hot coal with the reason of throwing it at a person else; you are the only who receives burned"

So critical question is how we will prevent it?

How to Conquer Lust, Greed, Anger?

Let's try to explore answers.

Perform Right Action First

I know everyone need money to live their life. but we should perform right action.Determine what your aim is, afterward, act according to the inner course that you get hold of; then you'll achieve what you need. When the thoughts is calm, how speedy, how easily, how gracefully you will understand everything!

Control your mind

Our mind is muscle like any other muscle and can be taught to do what you need, calm your feelings simply consciousness on the prevailing moment gracefully and you will apprehend the whole thing.

Bhagavad Gita Says..

The senses, the mind and the intelligence are the sitting places of this lust. Through them lust covers the real knowledge of the living entity and bewilders him

Beyond the sense is mind , and a source of knowledge . mind is controlled by air (breath) ,if we are able to control our breath (it can be done by meditation and yoga) then we will be able to control our thoughts. Regulating the senses, and slay this destroyer of knowledge and self-realization

The working senses are superior to dull matter; mind is higher than the senses; intelligence is still higher than the mind; and he [the soul] is even higher than the intelligence - Bhagavad Gita
"a mind full of Wisdom always comes up with positive solutions"
Air (Breath) is the regulator of mind. च. सू.12/7

Practice Meditation

If you are facing a few extreme anger troubles to your lifestyles, meditation (mental fitness activities) is the high-quality possible answer in your hassle. Infect it could clear up any associated trouble. You need not give them up, they will drop off by themselves.

" meditation is a blessing to mankind"

By doing meditation you will find real you, your hate and anger will begin to fade and it will get replaced with the aid of wisdom. And we all recognize .

Yoga !

Attaining salvation(or equilibrium) is the main purpose one seek , selfless acts and yoga will lead you to salvation and help you to meet your highest self. it will also lead to conquer your Lust, Greed and Anger.

Will Power

No motion/ act , inner or outer, can execute without the influence of will power. Strength of will is that which transforms thought into power,. It's not difficult to develop will strength, to attain achievement you need to put in efforts first. Gradually you will get rid of tendencies of thinking "i can't do" .

Keep your consciousness awake. Expand a habit of self-examination, of gazing and reading your thoughts and behavior. Expand your will strength and positive questioning, and you'll locate your frame, mind, and soul operating to mold entire lifestyles in steps with the power of will.

Include Others In your happiness

Do not restriction yourself with the narrowness of selfishness. consist others in your achievements and happiness, put kindness over selfishness, you then are doing the desire of god. On every occasion you believe you studied of yourself, think additionally of others. When you consider seeking peace, consider others who are in need of peace. In no way lose braveness and smile brighter.Let's the smiles be real from deep within and heart absolutely in harmony. If your physique , thoughts, and soul sign in the smile of the inner attention of god, you will spread smiles sparkles anywhere you cross.

Surrender to the will of Divine

There is a simple advice given in Epic Mahabharata's section of Udyoga Parva about conquering these enemies.

Conquer anger by calmness; evil by good; miserliness by charity and lies by truth.
Anger is won over with calmness (without anger); the immoral are won with morale; a miser is won by giving; lies are won over with truth.

God is the light ,chant his name inside your mind, walk towards God, these defects will start falling away,We should strive, to go towards the light, When we try to walk towards God, these defects start falling away. When we engage in the highest, the lowest falls away by itself.

"Realize yourself. That is all there is to do. Know yourself as you really are--infinite spirit.

Read Scriptures

Holy scriptures are the guide maps provided to humans beings on the journey closer to enlightenment. They offer us with knowledge and information. They also deliver us instructions on what we should do and what no longer to do. By means of faith, following these two types of injunctions, people can continue towards perfection.

I hope this was helpful to you in a lots of ways, may you find peace and Real Happiness in Life. Don't forget to subscribe so that you don't miss out our upcoming Inspirational Updates.

And let me know how this was helpful to you in comment section .

Thanks, peace out

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