You are reading this post because you are curious to know about how to start a Free Poetry blog, i will give you complete information about how to start a free Poetry blog ,if you are a writer like to write poetry, stories, thoughts,or any type of writing work then you should start a blog and make money while writing, anyone can start a blog of any topic ,only you should decide what to blog about.

Here I am Sharing Complete Guide About How To Start A Free Poetry Blog But you can start a blog of any topic, in any Language .

What is A Blog?

In simple words, A blog is basically a web page (web log) which is started through the service provider like Blogger and wordpress, a blogger can easily start a free blog from blogger to share their ideas,knowledge, story ,experience etc. You can turn your passion into profit, by putting ads from adsense ,Since Adsense Is the highest paying Google Ads Service. Anyone can start a blog of any topic ,a blog can be easily designed, only you should need basic knowledge. Blog includes posts of many topics. In a short form A blog can be a website but, a website can not be a blog.

What is A Website?

A website is a web page designed and developed for business proposal ,Anything on the internet presented in HTML/CSS or Java/Javascript/Php, etc. comprises of a website . for developing a website you should have entire knowledge of coding. mostly website developer uses https:// (secure) connection to secure companies data . And online transaction, websites should have https:// connection otherwise hacker can attack and steal data . A blog can use https:// connection too.

What Is Blogging?

blogging includes Activities of writing of blog , maintaining , sharing or writing posts which feels you better, and tends to you to write more and more.

Who Is Blogger?

A blogger is someone who blogs about ,or writes content for blog to share ideas, story .

How to Start A Free Poetry Blog To Make Money Writing

Basic Things You Need To Start A Free Poetry Blog

  • Decide what To blog about and choose your niche(Blog Name).

  • Choose where to blog about you need a Platform Like Blogger.

  • Domain,You Need to purchase a top level domain(like .in, .com)or choose a free domain from a site i have mentioned below in steps.

  • Content.

  • Social Support.

  • A good Blog Design.

Why? you should start A Poetry Blog?

  • To represent yourself in the world, blogging allows you to attract Audience toward you they reaches you or to your blog.

  • To provide valuable content For your audience.

  • For your passion.

  • To share your thoughts.

  • To tell your story to your audience.

  • To give your experience to your audience.

  • To make money, Blogging allows You to turn your passion into profit.

These are the 7 Reasons in my opinion you should start a poetry Blog(or A Blog)

6 Easy Steps To Get start with A free poetry Blog

  • Choose the topic what to Blog about, pick a blog name, keep your blog name short and memorable.

  • Choose a free blogging platform Like blogger signup and Create a new blog.

How to creat A free poetry Blog

  • Purchase a Domain Name or Get a free(.tk) Domain of your choice FromFreenom.

How to get free domain

  • Connect your free domain with your blog and get your blog online.

  • Now download a Free blogger template of your choice from gooyaabitemplates And Upload it to your blog, for attractive look customise template and give a unique design to your blog.

  • Setup policy agreements pages.

  • Do Basic setting of your blog like setup a suitable blog title in settings, setup blog description ,use meta tags (same as Description) .

  • Write & publish your posts get your blog online ,do not copy paste from other sites ,you should write your poems in your own word.

  • Promote your blog on social media ,Get people reach you,signup for adsense and make money online.

  • Start posting of your topics and get your blog online to make money.

Look For Inspiration

Now you know all basic things about how to start a poetry blog,so it's time to find out some inspiration,you should read these websites to find some inspiration, Trending topic, ideas for your poetry blog . Pixie poetry Allpoetry Kavita Kosh Quora

Feedly Hellopoetry Writeoutloud The Poetry Project PoemShape Eat This Poem I hope, I have given you much information about how to start a poetry blog to find new readers. Please feel free to comment if you have any concern about this topic. You can read and share Poetry,Stories,Writing work to our Writer's Community and connect with people. Join our Writer's Community To learn more . Thanks

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