Molestation: It's story of every girl ever born , some go through this every day and some at least once in their life time . As it is so important to raise voice against such shameful act, it's not always as easy to do so .

As the topic has not been considered matter of discussion over the years. Most of the cases are never even reported because of numerous reasons.

  • According to the research conducted “It is estimated that at least two out of every ten girls and one out of every ten boys are sexually abused by the end of their 13th year".

In the Poem " I'm Left With Scars So Deep" Poet expresses anguish of a girl child who is victim of molestation.

I'm Left With Scar so Deep

"I'm left with scar so deep

Bruises will disappear but pain I shall keep

I grew up just like you did

I played just like every kid

I was asked to be in limits

It was opposite sex who went out of limits

I was unaware of the touch called bad

But I definitely got the feeling it's bad

I wish I could scream so loud

I wish I could gather some crowd

Time went by I started grow

Intention of some boys were beginning to show

I'm sure I had caught enough attention

Every other guy had a definition infatuation

I tried my best and act so formal

Inside me I was bursting and was not normal

I had all the advices and restrictions already

Opinions on me was brutal and nerdy

I was groped on several occasions

In crowded bus or busy train stations

By the time I understood and showed some reactions

I was one of the infinite victim of molestation

I'm left with scar so deep

Bruises will disappear but pain I shall keep

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