God made us mortal, there is a proper cycle of life, childhood, adulthood, old age and then after playing our roles / giving our performances in this stage of life it's time to leave .

but realizing mortality at an early age as a cancer patient sucks. It sometimes feels like being a burden on our loved ones and losing everything, even ourselfs.  In this poem a young girl suffering from cancer, writes a letter to her beloved, to let her go. Even though it's hard, she wants to leave with a smile and doesn't want her loved ones to see her die in front of their eyes.

Let me go 

Let me go far - far away

Enough far not to ever cross your way .

I'm cursed with this illness , that's my faith.

A disgusting magnet towards my last breath .

Don't !...

just don't come near me, you are in every piece of my heart,

Physical distance can never do us apart .

Glitter !..

Glitter are the moments we share,

we are Cupid's failed match but I still do care.

Wanna know the secret of my strength  where it lies?

It's you love

And the thing that actually breaks me down is not death

but sparkle in my weirdo's eyes .

You been my comfort, protection, solution

and every poem's rhyme ,

blossom are gone bebe  now  it's snow time...

Let me go far - far away

Enough far not to ever cross your way...

Let me go ..

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Thank you for reading this poem "Let Me Go A Heart Felt Poetry From Cancer Patient" I hope you loved it ,  Please Feel free to find errors. I appreciate criticism since I'm here to improve and Don't forget to share , comment and subscribe if you like this poem.


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