Love Poem: Way to Hell - Fall of a Devil

I started writing this novel long time back ( like really really long back ) and it will be my first novel to be published. ( I Started many hopefully will finish this one )

Here I am sharing a short poetry trailor of my upcoming novel Which will be available on Pixie Poetry i hope you enjoy reading it.

Way to hell fall of a devil

An Angel from Far away

pretty much she lost her way,

then found a man

She fell for..

He the angel of death

with no heart and body donated to evil soul

he is abandoned, she is prohibited

his hate, her love, where will it lead

what you think, is not the same,

cuz this story's writer is so lame

let's see what it holds next

a flowery way or a thunder crust.

#narrativepoetry #lovepoetry #pixiepoetry #poetry #poem #love

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