We are living in a time of apocalyptic reality. Hope we brave through the storm and have memories of courage and inspiration to inform our subsequent generation. Everything that is taking place on Earth right now could be somehow our fault. Our massive carelessness towards nature.

COVID-19 is a virulent disease from nature for our negligence on behalf of nature. Thus, it's miles our responsibility to be accountable to nature and restore the harm executed through us.

We all are knights of this era,Fighting a silent war,Without sword but Protection shield (Social distancing and lock down) covering it all.

Positive life lessons we should learn from Coronavirus Pandemic

lockdown caused by coronavirus ( COVID 19)

  • All the way Mother Earth's health is improving.

  • As level of pollution is decreasing, we are facing some problems

  • But we humans can adapt in any situation.

  • You must wash your hands, whether there is virus or not.

  • Well where else then home Is the safest place to stay?

  • We have best time to introspect our actions, maybe it's nature's call , telling humans to be mindful of what you put out in universe .

  • We have to sacrifice some of our freedom for the greater good of everyone and neither it's for forever .

  • Now we can understand better how Animals feel in zoo or in cage at our home .

  • After all everyone loves their freedom .

  • We have some real life heroes, I'm grateful to have them near.

  • Almighty has been wanting to teach us something.

  • We better sit down quietly and hear.

  • We can survive without junk food.

  • Men can cook too.

  • We can comfortably work from home.

  • Economy will again reach boom and things will get better soon.

I desire we all live to tell the tale this epidemic.. Enormous respects and supplications for all our legends! So please do not panic, everything is going to get better, so live domestic and cope with yourself, it's time so one can act responsible not for you but as a minimum for your loved ones. #Corona #Coronavirus

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