Poem on My Quarantine Days | Quarantine Days Poem

We are living in a time of apocalyptic reality. Hope we brave through the storm and have memories of courage and inspiration to inform our subsequent generation. Everything that is taking place on Earth right now could be somehow our fault. Our massive carelessness towards nature.

COVID-19 is a virulent disease from nature for our negligence on behalf of nature. Thus, it's miles our responsibility to be accountable to nature and restore the harm executed through us.

I desire we all live to tell the tale this epidemic. Enormous respects and supplications for all our legends! So please do not panic, everything is going to get better, so live domestic and cope with yourself, it's time so one can act responsible not for you but as a minimum for your loved ones.

Here I am sharing another coronavirus Poem about Quarantine.

Quarantine Days Poem

It was day 5 of quarantine

I was caged in my dorm

A strange silence deafening my ears

Like the silence before the storm

School, malls, workplace are being closed down

Because a virus known as corona virus

seems to come around

One to another it began to spread

So much about it being said

A cure for it yet to be found

All outside is silent, there is no sound

Empty streets, empty hall

with full of gloom and doom

Beauty of autumn has faded

Human locked in the room

People still remembered others

But will anger, hate and pain

Men has killed it's home

So it's home is killing men

But what to do now

As everyone is calendared

Let's pray to almighty

Before the cosmos take it's revenge.

#coronaviruspoem #corona #stayhome #washyourhand #staysafe

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