The "Deception Of Love" Poem, Betrayal of Trust

The Deception of Love Poem

Those ocean blue eyes, 
Does they hold anything other than lies ?

So deep, so mysterious, 
Buries all your dirty secrets.

Seems the loveliest from atop, 
Just a beautiful vicious hoax.

Smile that makes you feel alive, 
It cuts deeper than the knife.

Strong hug filled with warmth, 
Tell me was it worth ?

Prettiest face with rotten heart, 
As if black magic was cast.

It's cold, it's still, 
dreaming in moon light chill.

Promises that makes me squeal
Shhh ! If only they were real.

The Hurt i have Cried, 
would you notice if i died ?

Every thing you put me through
Leaving, when I needed you.

At very first glance I think I knew
Desperately convinced myself it's not true.
But now I forgive you
I understand the sky is not actually blue.

#deceptionpoem #betrayalpoem #lovepoem


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