The Virus a Coronavirus Poem in English | Poetry on COVID-19

The whole world is suffering from infectious disease called Coronavirus (COVID-19). It's time for isolation, grounding ourselves, Introspecting and moving towards healthy lifestyle habits.Things will improve for sure but we need to put in efforts to make things work.

  • Although we face problems but remember humans can improve and adapt in any situation .

  • Well where else then home Is the safest place to stay? Corona teach us If you are feeling ill, just stay home.

  • Coronavirus has taught us many positive life lessons. I hope things get better soon .

We have the power to make quick decisions as we know the history of epidemics .

Let's fight this disease by staying home. Here I'm sharing a poetry on Coronavirus

"The virus" Coronavirus (The pandemic) poem

Air is clear.. But still there is fear everywhere.. Oh !

I heard it's Coronavirus

making people sick to death.. Mother earth's health is improving, But humans are losing their breath .

Preparing drugs will take time, Isolating is the only option they say.. Well where else then home

Is the safest place to stay.

We all are knights of this era Fighting a silent war, without sword but Protection shield covering it all.

Today i met kindness,

A vegetable seller was selling veggies for free, I didn't had much so helped him with ten rupees .

Received a call from long lost friend, she expressed her love all over again. I didn't realized but I missed her more, When listening to her voice, There was pain in my vocal cord.

It's karma or just my philosophy, You may call me freak,

But Can you imagine I saw stars this week. It's dark We lost many,

but there is still hope alive Praying for situation soon to recover I know sunshine will survive.

#coronaviruspoem #corona

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