Meaning of Happiness differs person to person, as experienced by individuals.

Happiness to me is ..

Living in the present, without having to worry about what will happen and most importantly not obsessing over my bad past.

When i am the reason of that genuine smile on someone's face.Well to some it may sound old school cheesy saying , but truly, Selfless giving lets us experience the joy we were deprived of.

There are many people who are not as fortunate as we are and struggle to meet basic necessities. Helping needy helps in grounding ourselves and provide mental peace.You know that warm fuzzy feeling.

Psychology of happiness

A pleasant feeling, enthusiastic state which is achieved by commonly positive thinking, emotions, Experiencing joy and mental satisfaction. Happiness is basically our mental satisfaction and is influenced by our environment and life circumstances.

Like to me

Riding, mountains, my favourite kind of music, moon, writing, friends and time out in nature are my mental satisfaction ( happiness).

Traveling Makes me Happy

For me, happiness is riding a motorcycle. There are times when we are truly happy, having our best times and obviously there are times when everyone and everything seems against us .All we see and face is sadness, anxiety, anger and depression.

I enjoy traveling, therefore I travel a lot. Sometimes when things are messy or feel sad , I go out alone and sit in a quiet place where I can relax, feel the wind, introspect and reflect afterwards. This way the duality in the mind is reduced, and I feel so much better.

I think it's impothose times and feelings so that i myself can understand me better and more importantly to be ready to accept the fact that we can't be happy all the times .

Also the not so happy days of our lives are the lessons that we better appreciate the actual happy hours and live them to our fullest .

I'm connected to my vehicle and not-functioning of which is equivalent to frustrating days , it's likely that things won't always go my way , which is perfectly fine but

ugh ! ...

knowing it doesn't make it less frustrating .

May be a little .....

How to be Happy

  • Include Others In your happiness, do not restriction yourself with the narrowness of selfishness. Well including others does not mean accept anyone out there.

  • Always choose quality over quantity when it comes to your inner circle of people .

  • Don't lose faith and show those perfect set of teeth.

Let the smile be real , By the way it's absolutely free and 100 % healthy with no side effects. Keep your physique , thoughts, and soul in check .

Don't forget to treat yourself every now and then ,luxuriate in the happy times you get.

Happiness Comes from recognizing and appreciating the great things without thinking about the bad past.

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